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130K followers on twitter hiyaaaa!!! ty so much guys - Un gros merci xox #BestFansEver @bellafrench69 

I changed my Fund me because I miss being on cam    

Hey 🙋

love you guys!

love you guys!

I always love to read my fan mail. Love you guys! Still sick, trying to get courage to go to the pharmacy.

#modelmonday I woke up with a fever… resting all day. 

 I woke up with a fever… resting all day. 

Just finished filming a new  VERY naughty custom vid! 

NEW  vid & my 1st French speaking vid - exclusive to   

TGIF! Sexy mermaid - new vid coming soon to (at

Sketching with the best of the best! Excited & nervous best combination 😊 #NewInk #PussyInk 😍 (at Pol Tattoo)

If you ain’t sweating you ain’t training 😓 #nofilters