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NEW video - Sexy NYC available tomorrow at (at

Bon matin world! Classic case of  xox

This #sundayfunday was a full on work day… #Workaholic 🍷🍹🍸

Relaxing today  

CRAZY just got casted for the new @ZeMorissette & @RicardoTrogi movie ”Le Mirage” my first big screen debut #Quebec (at movie star lol 👸🎥)

New mani/pedi 💅 #feet

Stay focused, be positive and fight to earn what you deserve in life!    

I feel like crying… 😢 #injured

So sad, I injured my left shoulder, no training today. will be editing new vids for my  members

Please love my profile & keep me #1 

Please love my profile & keep me #1  

Let’s start the week right @pacometagbo 👍 #fitness (at Studio Pacome Training )